Lamprey Health Care


Lamprey Health Care believes that caring takes more than one minute. We are committed to providing our patients with a true medical home, where they can put their needs first.

Lamprey Health Care offers a complete range of primary care services, including prenatal, infant, adolescent and adult as well as integrated behavioural health services. We offer a variety of support services including chronic disease education and management as well as health education and medication assistance programs. Translation and interpretation services are also available.

Lamprey Health Care offers prenatal care

Prenatal care is provided by a team that is focused on mom and baby. The Prenatal Team includes a Family Physician, OB/GYN and a Prenatal Nurse. A Registered Dietician is also included. Care Coordinators are also available.

Offers paediatrics

Lamprey Health Care has a large paediatric population at its health centres. Our paediatric team can provide full-scope care including immunizations and vaccinations, well child care, same-day sick visits, immunizations and early development screening, diabetes management, nutrition education and Reach Out and Read early literacy program.

Behavioural Lamprey Health Care Program

The integrated approach allows health professionals to work together to provide primary and behavioural care that best meets the needs of patients. This program is intended to improve access to counselling, resources, and services for behavioural disorders. The Behavioural Healthcare Care team includes the Care Coordinators, Care Coordinators and Behavioural Counsellors.

Senior Transportation

Lamprey Health Care’s Senior Transport program offers rides for seniors in 30 Seacoast towns. Accessible buses for handicapped people provide transportation to grocery stores, banks and pharmacies to allow them to stay independent at home. We offer transportation to medical appointments. All residents of the towns we serve are eligible to participate in this program. Does not require riders to be patients.