Bilingual “Lasante Health Centre” 


Important part of Brooklyn mosaic

Lasante Health Centre ‘s name is a clear indication of its intentions. French for “the health”, “la sante” is the French translation.

Prospect-Lefferts Gardens’ newly established outpatient medical centre, at 672 Parkside Ave., in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens will serve the needs of members of the large Caribbean community. This includes Haitian immigrants who call that neighbourhood home.

Dr. Lesly Kernisant, the executive director, stated that he anticipates a May opening of the new state-of-the art health care facility.

Kernisant, a Brooklyn-raised OB/GYN from Haiti, gave the Brooklyn Eagle a tour of the centre on March 28. Kernisant has been in medicine for over 35 years.

He said that he is currently looking for medical staff to join the new medical centre.

“We are now in the final phase. We see paediatric patients. It is a lengthy process to hire. Kernisant explained to the Eagle that you need to ensure the credentials are valid.

The paediatrician Dr. Anise Joseph has seen at least 60 to 70 patients at our health centre.

Lasante Health Centre  provides a comprehensive approach to medical services. All medical services will be available under one roof for patients, including paediatrics, optometry and mental health. Kernisant stated that a dentist is a primary-care person.

32 exam rooms are available at Lasante Health Centre

Each section has its own waiting room. The waiting area for children will be decorated with toys and other kid-friendly items. Two large-screen televisions will be available for patients to view while they wait.

Lasante Health Centre ‘s goal is to make sure patients don’t wait too long to see a doctor. Kernisant stated, “We need to be mindful of the patient’s time.”

To make it easier for families to visit, the layout of the office has been carefully planned. The paediatric and OB-GYN departments are situated next to one another.

LaSante also offers a call centre as well as a nurse station. This is similar to what you might see in a hospital.

Kernisant stated that the nurse’s station will have an important function. Kernisant said that it will be the last stop before patients leave the office after visiting the doctor. The nurse will check with patients to make sure they understand the doctor’s instructions. She may also ask questions about the medication that was prescribed by the doctor.

Kernisant stated, “The doctor can be the captain but not the soldier and the captain.”

Hansia Pierre, medical administrative assistant, was on hand to greet patients the day that the Eagle visited.

The signs for various sections of the centre’s health centre are printed in English as well as in Haitian Creole, in a nod towards the Haitian immigrant community.

Kernisant says that the main medical problems facing Haitian communities are poor nutrition, hypertension, and diabetes.

Parkside Avenue is home to a large school. There are three schools in the building. The total number of students is 1,500.