Do You Look Older Than You Are?


Many women and girls who visit cosmetic dermatologists and skin specialists don’t seek for their skin to reflect their age; rather, they seek assurances that they appear younger. Most people want to hear, “You look younger!” as part of a response from them.

Factors That Make One Age Faster

Clinic Dermatech’s cutting-edge clinics employ top cosmetic dermatologists, who believe one’s age can be determined by visible signs of aging such as wrinkles on hands and face skin, graying of hair and neck muscles as well as other visible indicators.

Any sign of aging will count against you even if it’s just one grey hair peeking through from under your hairstyle, or wrinkles around your eyes, even if it means being considered older even though you might still be young.

Improper Nutrition Leads to Wrinkles

If you want to look younger, starting early is key. Insufficient hydration and lack of moisture cause dry skin. With age comes loss of elasticity which adds years to an individual’s age; premature wrinkles could even be caused by overexposure to hot water.

Sun and Stress are Bad for You

Wrinkles that appear early can also be caused by exposure to intense sunlight or mental strain. Frequent and consistent frowning can contribute to premature wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, forehead and frown lines. Sleepless nights that result in inadequate rest can create dark circles under your eyes as well as wrinkles under them.

Colors and Chemicals Grey Your Hair

Exposure to harmful chemicals found in hair coloring products like hydrogen peroxide or other dyes or gels could contribute to early graying of hair. Hot water used for washing can damage and dry out strands, depleteing melanin deposits in your locks and ultimately leading to premature graying.

Exercise helps the skin A drooping face caused by diets or rapid weight loss may be seen as a telltale sign of aging; lack of exercise could result in muscles losing tone and becoming lax, creating the appearance of older skin; weight gain can make one appear even older than they actually are.

Other Factors

Unsafe Alcohol Consumption and Smoking, among Other factors drinking excessively and smoking too frequently may make people appear older than they actually are, while genetic influences also play a factor.

Girl Look Older

In order to look young, eating a diet rich in nutrients that promote radiant hair and skin is key. Drinking plenty of water also plays a part in maintaining skin elasticity while decreasing dryness, while regular physical activity strengthens muscles while adding radiant complexions.

Maintain a relaxed disposition, avoid frowning, and maintain an upright and straight posture – after all, smiling always makes one appear younger!

Consult a Cosmetic Dermatologist

Do we realize that our largest organ can be found right outside our bodies…on our faces? In an age when DIY skincare and beauty techniques are plentiful on social media platforms like YouTube, it’s essential to remain aware of what may or may not be beneficial for our skin.

Facial skin has an exceptionally delicate composition. Because of this, you must take extra caution in caring for it. Speak with top skin specialists as well as cosmetic dermatologists in order to assess what treatment would best fit your skin type and which anti-age treatments would provide optimal results. Arrange an appointment now so that you can benefit from our award-winning therapies!