The Truth about the Benefits of Rhodiola Rosea Extract


For the last couple of decades, natural supplements have become big business as more and more people look for the elixir that will keep them looking young and healthy. Many different supplements now claim to do various things, and it is difficult to find those that do actually work. One that tends to stand out when it comes to research and real life experience is rhodiola rosea extract. This is an herbal remedy which has withstood many studies, and has a lot of positive reviews.

So what is rhodiola rosea extract exactly? The extract comes from the rhodiola rosea plant, and results in what is known as an adapt genic plant-based supplement. It grows in what we would call extreme remote areas, often places where there is little competition with other plants. However, it also means that nutrients can be sparse, which limits growth. It can be found in locations such as the Rocky Mountains in the US, the Alps, and certain arctic areas. It comes under the Crassulaceae plant family, and is only a relatively small plant, due to where it grows.

The extract is removed in a simple chemical process, which is the way most supplement extracts are retrieved for medicinal use. The rhodiola rosea is soaked in a solvent, such as ethanol or water, and this helps in the production of a concentrated extract of the plant, by withdrawing all of the required nutrients. There are no other chemicals used, and this helps keep the process environmentally friendly and perfectly safe for human use.

What are the benefits of this extract? They are wide and varied, as the extract has actually been used for medicinal purposes for a long time. One of the main groups of people that have reported positive results are those who suffer from depression. This extract seems to help improve the overall mood of a person. Although it will not cure depression, as that often requires one on one counselling, it can help to make people feel more positive about life. For those who have depression, this can be a big thing for them on the road to improvement.

Certain studies point to the extract being a great help in lowering the rates of fatigue that everyone can suffer at some point in their lives. For people who suffer from a sugar imbalance, this extract may prove to be just what it is that they are looking for. Another positive effect about rhodiola rosea extract is that it can help give the immune system a boost. Reports also suggest it can help increase overall physical endurance, and boost memory.

The extract is available for use in manydifferent forms. These include capsules, drops, homeopathic products, and tea. This ensures that there is a way for everyone to take it. Although studies vary, the recommended daily amount that should be taken is between 340 mg to 690 mg. The product is available both online and in local health stores, so getting hold of it is not a problem.