How to make “Sugar Wafers” that are Better?


Making Sugar Wafers At Home

Are you the only one who misses sugar wafers? They were a favorite of mine as a child, but they aren’t something I enjoy anymore.

It would be a great idea to make your own. The problem is that I have never tried it. I asked my friends innovative health and fitness who are home bakers for their recipes. Luckily, one of them had a recipe that her aunt passed on to me.

Sugar Wafers aren’t as difficult as it seems.

  • It’s not as difficult as I thought. If you bake often, you will probably already have the ingredients. You can always run to the grocery store if you don’t have time.
  • You will need butter, sugar and eggs. It’s that simple.
  • This was my first attempt at making it. I used flat wafers as I didn’t have any to use to make the wafer-y look. It was just for practice and to get the right taste. 
  • It turned out to be great. It was delicious with ice cream, cream, and a second one with sugar, which I then blowtorched to create a beautiful crust.
  • A few months ago, while browsing Etsy, I came across a wafer cookie mold. I felt inspired to make sugar wafers once again. I quickly added a few items to my cart, and the waiting began.
  • My order arrived a week later and I was ready to use the wafer mold.
  • NOTE: You can use silicon baking mats with raised relief patterns if you don’t own wafer molds. You can bake them as-is, but it will still taste good.

Why I Love Homemade Sugar Wafers

  • They are also delicious. Making sugar wafers at-home allows you to mix and match it with anything you want.
  • Store-bought sugar wafers can be limited in their variety. Often, they are only available in chocolate, Neapolitan and vanilla.
  • Wafers can be paired with many different fillings because they are neutral in taste. You can also add flavor to your wafers at home if desired.
  • My first attempt at sugar wafers was with my children. I wanted to make ice cream sandwiches, while they wanted cream filling. Everyone got exactly what they wanted.
  • It can be paired with chocolate sauce, peanut butter, or caramel. It was delicious with cheese once, which I thought was a great idea!
  • It can be made in sheets or cut into shapes before baking. Sugar wafers can be used in so many ways and they are easy to store.