What is “Scaling Health Mod”?


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The Key Features Scaling Health Mod

A per-player difficulty system. Each player is assigned a difficulty level. There are many factors that can affect your difficulty. It increases slowly over time, by default. Mobs get stronger as difficulty increases. One of the many methods used to calculate mob strength (see below) You can modify/disable this feature to your heart’s desire.

Increase player health Or less. Heart containers can be obtained by players to increase their maximum scaling health mod. You can keep the extra health you have even after death (configurable). You can change the player’s initial health and set the maximum health limit. You can also adjust the scaling health mod to increase/decrease XP levels.

You have a lot of control. There are many options for setting up the game to suit your needs. You can even tweak settings without having to restart Minecraft.

Example Configs

Are you looking to quickly get moving in the right direction? These are some configuration files that I created. These files can be modified and shared at your own discretion. I would be delighted to include your config file in the list if you’d like (provided it’s unique …)).

The game is made easier by the Easy Mode. The difficulty system is completely disabled. There are no extra mob health or blights. Heart container drops are more common. The max health cap has been raised to 4096.

Gentle Mode – Slowly increasing difficulty and capped at a low level. Blights are disabled. Players will gain more health if they have accumulated XP. However, spending XP will reduce your health. The max health mod that can be used to scale health containers from the heart is 100. This does not include health gained from XP, but it can be changed easily if you don’t like it.


Each player is assigned a difficulty level. This defaults to increasing slowly over time. You can also adjust the difficulty to increase or decrease when certain mobs are killed, or when the player dies. You can also set difficulty intervals to reset, such as every week.

While player difficulty is commonly used to calculate difficulty for spawning mobs (see next section), some modes use different methods. You can set the difficulty level and the amount of difficulty added per second. By default, idle players accumulate difficulty more slowly.

How much scaling health mod you can get will depend on how difficult the situation is. Additionally, mobs will be able to gain bonus attack damage or potion effects. Mobs that are spawned as blights will also be more likely to spawn at higher difficulty levels.