Possible Causes of Pain under the Right Breast


Pain under the right breast could indicate a serious medical problem; however, breast cancer isn’t necessarily one of them. Instead, this pain could come from organs like liver, kidney, pancreas, gallbladder and right lung; gas leakage or muscle strain could also be responsible.

Before initiating treatment for breast pain, its source must first be identified.

Pain could stem from either an existing medical condition like an injury or natural processes like menstruation, puberty or pregnancy.

Gallbladder Infection

The gallbladder lies under the left breast area, and when infected it can cause extreme pain in this region. Gallstones form by letting cholesterol, salts, and pigments crystallize into tiny hard stones which then deposit themselves on to other parts of the gallbladder wall.

These could block the natural flow of bile created during digestion as it travels through the liver.


Pancreatitis discomfort in the right breast could be indicative of pancreatic inflammation caused by obstruction, gallstones, blockage or certain medications (high triglyceride levels or excess alcohol consumption).

Pain could range from unintended discomfort to severe radiating from its source towards back and chest areas, and may even include sickness and nausea.

Kidney Stones

A combination of acid salts and minerals could form kidney stones that cause severe pain when they deposit themselves under right breast, gradually growing larger as time progresses and becoming lodged within kidneys or ureters.

Pain may become more intense, often being felt in the abdomen, back, and groin areas. Nausea and vomiting often accompany kidney stone discomfort; there may be blood present in urine samples as well.

Excessive Gas

A sudden pain under the breasts could be indicative of excessive gas accumulation. The pain may radiate down either side and toward the stomach area. Nausea and vomiting may also indicate problems.

Exccess gasoline may also come from eating too much or digesting excess sugar or carbonated beverages. Unbalanced digestion of carbohydrates may also create excess gasoline production.


The discomfort of heartburn may cause an intense burning sensation under the right breast on its right side and in the throat area; sometimes leading to regurgitation. Heartburn is caused by stomach acid entering either the esophagus, air passageways connecting throat and lungs or both simultaneously.

Heartburn typically goes away on its own, but sometimes people mistake it for an imminent heart attack.


Either emotionally or bodily strain can cause left breast discomfort. Stress could tighten muscles that aid digestion or speed up heart beat rates, creating physical symptoms like chest tightening.

Anxiety Attack

A tension assault, also known as a panic attack, may also result in mild to extreme chest pains that could be misinterpreted as heart attacks.

Studies have demonstrated that anxiety attacks can cause chest muscles to spasm, leading to an increase in heart rate as well as the sensation of choking.


Pleurisy, also known as lung inflammation, causes a dull ache just beneath the right breast and could be due to several higher respiratory illnesses like arthritis, blood clots or Lupus as well as lung cancer.

Most often, this kind of pain is the result of fungal or bacterial infections; its intensity often worsens with coughing or sneezing and taking deep breaths.

Breast Cancer

Research suggests that sore breasts under the chest do not necessarily indicate breast cancer; however, in rare instances it could indicate lung cancer that has spread through it.

Metastatic cancer, also referred to as spreading cancer, can result in bleeding from the nose and long-term infections.


Costochondritis, an inflammation of the cartilage connecting ribs and breastbone, may result in right side breast pain if left untreated, possibly leading to heart attacks in its wake.

Causes for this could include upper respiratory inflammation, muscle strain and chest injuries or the condition known as fibromyalgia.

Food Blockage

A throbbing sensation beneath the right breast could be the result of an obstruction in the esophagus. The sharp pain and discomfort caused by eating something “down the wrong hollow,” are symptoms associated with food blocking.

Fibrocystic Breast

Its Experience soreness that surpasses an extreme ache can be experienced with fibrocystic breast disorder, the most prevalent disease among females which involves noncancerous small lumps in their breasts.

Hiatal Hernia

Rheumatic breast pain could also be the result of hiatal hernia, in which part of the upper abdomen pushes through diaphragm into chest region and causes pressure there.

Reasons for abdominal distension often involve an increase in pressure within the stomach cavity, often including its contents (small intestine, bladder, kidneys colon liver pancreas gallbladder rectum stomach spleen and esophagus).

Hiatal hernias can result from vomiting pressure or coughing, stool movements or lifting heavy objects. Furthermore, additional body weight, pregnancy or the accumulation of stomach fluid can all cause stress-induced hiatal hernias.

Rib Injury

Damage to the ribs can cause pain at one side of your breasts. Coughing, sneezing or taking deep breaths could compound this discomfort further.

Muscle Strain

Tense muscles in the chest could create discomfort around the breast area and can even make movement of your body difficult or impossible. The discomfort could become painful and hinder daily functions.