Microwave Pop Corn


Popcorn is an enjoyable and healthy snack to make for your children to enjoy. This way of earning popcorn directly from corn on the cob brings a new level of pleasure into the kitchen.

All you will need is a brown purse, dried corn on the cob located at the regional farm stand, and a microwave pop corn. Your children are going to delight in listening to the popping corn and observing the tote grow as every kernel pops out of the corn on the cob.

It is just as straightforward as placing a buttered pre-made bag in the microwave, but considerably healthier and a lot more delicious. It is does not get fresher than that!

You Can Purchase these particular corn on the cobs in Krell Farm situated on 741 Plainville Avenue at Farmington or the Select Patch on Nod Road at Avon. As this new fad in the farm stands continues to increase in popularity, I am hoping our regional stands at Southington start to take it also. A microwave includes a heating system which pops up the corn. Each popcorn kernel includes just a tiny quantity of water within a group of starch, which is surrounded from the outer surface of the kernel. Upon heating, this water generally grows, also, with accompanying pressure building contrary to the starch, it subsequently pushes through the tricky surface, which makes the corn burst . For this, the soft starch in the kernel inflates and pops turning the center inside out.

The very best method to store popcorns is in airtight containers. It has to be kept in cool areas such as cabinets or the cabinet. If popcorn is kept in a fridge it’s very likely to receive dried. Cooking sake Should this happen, folks are always able to refresh the dried popcorns, by putting the kernels in a jar and fill it with water to the brim. This would require around three times or longer but the water can help to moisturize the kernels, which will enable the kernels to popup.

Farm Fresh Popcorn

Makes: 1 large bowl

Prep Time: 30 seconds

Cook Time: 2 1/2-4 minutes


1 dried corn on the cob

1 small paper bag


melted butter


Put your corn on the cob from the newspaper bag. Fold on the bag twice to fasten the end. Put it in the microwave to get 2 1/2 -4 minutes until the popcorn stops popping. Transfer your popcorn into a bowl and toss with salt and melted butter.