Best Sea Food in Downtown Los Angeles Central Market


The thing about eating seafood is either you’ll love it or hate it for your life. One must not remove such a great item from their menu because of a bad experience. But, if you are in LA and are planning to eat seafood from downtown LA’s central market, this article is here for your rescue enlisting some of the best places serving the Best seafood in Downtown Los Angeles at Grand Central Market and following SOPs as well.

La Tostaderia:

Grand Central Market has a Villa Moreliana carnitas stall owned by Chef Fernando who started La Tostaderia with the vision of serving seafood. It suits right to its theme not just with the menu but with how the customers are welcomed to an L shaped counter by a neon mermaid. The menu itself is lavishing, tout tostadas, crispy corn tortillas loaded with seafood, Mixta a mixture of octopus, scallops, and shrimps is so tangy and spicy that your mouth fills with water by just looking at it. They have seafood cocktails, fiery shrimp aguachile, and seafood soup loaded with black cod, shrimp, and vegetables in a guajillo dashi broth.

Crab House:

Crab house comes second in this list because of its awesome service and variety on the menu. It serves Korean, seafood, and live/raw food. It’s highly famous for its crabs being the best fresh and delicious crabs. Seafood Stew is worth a shot as well.

Boiling Chick:

This place deserves to be in the top 3 choices for eating seafood. The quality of the food here is divine with its delicious flavours and is affordable too. This place’s reasonable prices don’t hold them back from providing a good service.


Daebudo serves Korean, seafood, and barbeque. This place is famous for its oysters and seafood barbeque. One can have a good breakfast as well with the fascinating steamed eggs served at this place.

Le Grand:

This family-owned and operated restaurant is one of the best in service and food quality. They have a variety of seafood dishes and each one comes up to the mark. The seafood marinara gives you the love of seafood variety with tomato sauce is a must-try. The prices are a little high comparatively but the ambiance and the quality of the food are worth it.

Eating tasty food is related to having a happy mood. Try these and become happy.