5 Majors That Are Similar to Public Health You Can Choose To Study


5 Majors That Offer an Alternative to Public Health That You Can Study.

The COVID-19 epidemic taught us an invaluable lesson: We need qualified, well-trained health professionals to protect us. These dedicated individuals strive tirelessly to prevent disease spread, safeguard population health, and offer solutions similar to Public Health for current threats facing our communities. If you are interested in a career in public health, you have the power to help others.

You can rest assured that the job market for public health professionals is strong, as their skillset is in high demand. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment of Public Health Service Managers will grow at an astounding 32 percent rate between 2012 and 2030 – eight times faster than average growth rate for all occupations combined! On average, 51,800 positions for health service and medical managers are projected annually through 2030 – just some examples of how rapidly this field is developing.

Why is there such a surge in public health care employment opportunities? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), as baby boomers age and retire, there will be an increased need for healthcare services as they remain active into their later lives.

Are you considering a career in public healthcare but unsure where to begin? This article will outline the various majors available and their distinctions.

Public Health

A public health degree can be earned at either the undergraduate or graduate levels. Students just starting college who want to gain more knowledge on topics like public health policy, epidemiology, community health issues and safety should consider pursuing a bachelor’s in this area. A major in public health will prepare you to handle emergencies like infectious disease outbreaks as well as reduce long-term impacts such as obesity or pollution. Alternatively, if you already hold a bachelor’s degree in public healthcare but wish to advance into an MPH career in public healthcare, an MPH program (MPH) will help enhance your skills further.

Although not directly related to public healthcare, this major is entirely focused on this field of public and public health. Individuals interested in working within this field of healthcare may find a career as frontline workers by creating campaigns to increase access and researching diseases and treatments.

Health Science

Health science is an increasingly-popular major among college students. A health science degree can open up numerous career prospects. You have the option to choose either an associate degree or bachelor’s degree in this field – each tailored towards specific career objectives. Goodwin University offers four tracks within their bachelor’s degree program to meet these needs.

Environmental Health

  • Health Care and Administration
  • Completion of Bachelor’s Degree
  • Healthcare Career Exploration

Students have the option to explore a wide variety of health science courses such as nutrition, human health, healthcare administration and alternative medicine. These topics are essential in the field of public and public health. Health science makes for an ideal major for those interested in studying a related major during school.


Nurses are an integral part of healthcare. We need compassionate, caring nurses more than ever before. These dedicated professionals make a significant impact in their communities. Nurses working in community settings such as hospitals, community centres and outpatient clinics get to experience firsthand the rewards of helping patients throughout their career.

Becoming a Registered Nurse (RN) requires either a Bachelor of Science or Associate Degree. Once licensed in your state of employment, there are various routes to becoming an RN depending on what career goals you have.

Nurses with a bachelor’s degree from another field of study than nursing can take advantage of a fast track option to become employed more quickly and easily.

No matter which route you take, earning a nursing degree can be an excellent decision for your future. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics(BLS), registered nurses earn an average median wage of $75,330 in 2020 and this profession is expected to expand by 9% over the coming years.

Healthcare Administration

Healthcare administration is an ideal career option if you are interested in working within healthcare administration. This role requires hands-on experience and includes essential tasks such as:

  • Management of Staff
  • Delegating Tasks to Staff
  • Training Supervision
  • Supervising Departments Closely

Effective management and supervision of employees is essential in successful business operations.

A bachelor’s in health science with an emphasis in healthcare administration will equip you with the strategies, policies and roles that are unique to this delivery system. This program will equip you with the necessary knowledge for success within this field.

Human Services

Human services can be likened to nursing. A caring individual might consider a career in human service professionals; these professionals provide immediate needs for people. You will make an impact on others’ lives by improving quality of life for many in your region with an undergraduate degree in human services that provides you with skillsets needed for success across ages, races, disabilities, mental health issues, homelessness issues – you name it! A career in human services would suit those with empathy who possess the capacity to guide others through difficult moments.

Like many other programs, you can study human service at either the associate or bachelor’s degree level. Successful Goodwin graduates may go on to pursue these roles:

  • Manager or Counselor
  • Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Youth Worker

These are just a few of the many great majors available to those interested in healthcare but don’t wish to commit years to medical school. There are various paths you can take within this field of medicine depending on your interests and timeline; as you strive towards your objectives, consider one of these majors that are similar in public health.

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