Lose Weight With Posture


When it comes to burning fat, there’s a lot of secrets, tips, programs, diets, pills, and routines that if you’re not doing with proper posture and a strong core, you will have a hard time shrinking your waist and strengthening your abdominals. With so many fad diets to try, it’s important to realize that not every diet works for everyone and suggestions in nutrition is individualized based on your vitamin and mineral deficiencies and medical needs. A chiropractic nutritional specialist can help you create meal plans and exercise routines specific to your postural needs so that you can lose weight and strengthen muscles evenly for a corrected posture.

How Is Posture Linked To Burning Fat?

Your spine is connected to your immune system, and like dominos, when your body is sick or attempting to heal, everything else falls out of line, and when your body is not working correctly, of course, you will less likely meet your weight loss goals. Poor posture requires no effort on your muscles but will put a great deal of stress on your spine. This stress, caused by the slouching curve, can be the reason to your chronic headaches, indigestion, neck & back pain, and the possible reason why it’s hard for you to lose weight even if you’ve been exercising. Slouching can negatively affect your metabolism and lead to illnesses and disabilities. The CSS chiropractors in Tucker, GA can help you today.

 The Abdominal Squeeze

For perfect posture when sitting, standing, and walking, there is a simple exercise that needs to be engrained into the muscle memory of every human is the abdominal squeeze. This exercise is more of a meditative mindfulness in which you can and should do as soon as you wake to the minute your head hits the pillow for sleep. Of course, it’s difficult to remember always to do the abdominal squeeze, but that is part of how proper posture is engrained.

Burn Calories All Day Long

Sitting and standing straight is extremely important for those who wish to age gracefully with less pain and lowered risk of diseases. To practice the abdominal squeeze exercise, merely tighten your abdominals and imagine a string pulling your head up and your shoulders down and back. This abdominal squeeze is similar to getting on the floor and doing crunches. It can be done at your desk, when you’re walking, and always when you are exercising other areas of the body such as when your doing squats, jogging, jumping-jacks, etc. Do the abdominal squeeze all day long and start training your core and you will start to burn calories while you sit.

Practice, Practice, Practice

If you’re serious about weight loss, realize you must make it a lifestyle choice as daily as washing the dishes and brushing your teeth. Always be mindful of your posture and engaging your abdominals in everything you do. Take your stance into your own hands and fix it before your body loses mobility. When poses get stuck, and you find you can’t move evenly, it’s crucial that you seek the guidance of a chiropractor that offers traction therapy such as the techniques known as Advanced Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP). Seek an Advanced CBP spinal expert in your area and find out the difference in what traction therapy vs. general chiropractic adjustments can do for your weight loss goals.