Dental Implants Toronto And Smoking Don’t Mix: Here’s Why


If you are missing teeth and missing your bright smile, then dental implants Toronto might be the perfect answer for you. However, if you are a smoker, the equation can be a bit complicated.

Dental experts often decline smokers who wish to get dental implants or at least ask them to quit for a certain period of time before being re-evaluated for the procedure.

Dental implants act as your replacement roots onto which your replacement teeth will be anchored to. They look just your real teeth and function just like the real deal. Those who had dental implants before actually forget about the false teeth once they get used to the implants.

The decision to get dental implants is a big one and it does not come easy in the pocket. As such, one must take care of them well and if you want to protect your investment, one of the best things to do is quit smoking.

The success rate for dental implants is very high but there are also problems that may occur due to smoking. One determining factor if an implant will last is for the jaw bone surrounding the implant to fuse with the dental implant itself. This bone-implant integration will determine the strength, stability, and durability of the implant. However, there are documented cases when the bone does not integrate properly with the dental implants. This is primarily due to lack of blood flow and oxygen to areas of the mouth that are critical to a successful teeth replacement. In short, smoking does not provide a healthy environment for proper fusion of dental implants.

According to experts, smokers also tend to have bad oral health and are at higher risk of developing oral cancer. They are also more prone to other conditions that may negatively affect the outcome of dental implants. Overall, smoking lowers the success rate of dental implants.

If you are a smoker and you’re contemplating to have dental implants Toronto, it will be best to quit smoking for a few weeks prior to surgery. You also need to give your gums enough time to heal fully following the procedure. If you don’t quit, dentists will most likely tell you that you are not fit for the operation due to possible complications.

Dental implants that fail are more difficult to treat. So, it is better to be prepared for the procedure first than taking the risk. Smokers who quit must also make sure that you practice good oral hygiene habits. Following the placement of dental implants, make sure you stick to the schedule of follow ups and maintenance appointments.

Smoking is not an absolute contraindication to dental implants but health experts want to achieve the optimal health that will provide the implants a healthy environment where it can properly fuse with the bone and gums. Without the complications that smoking can bring, one can expect fast healing following the dental procedure.

Consult your dental implants Toronto experts and ask the steps you need to take in case you are a smoker. They will be able to properly advise you as cases may vary.

Are you a smoker but want to replace some missing teeth? Let us enlighten you aboutdental implants Toronto and see how we can help you.