Curry Health Centre: Social Media Coordinator


Curry Health Centre is the University of Montana’s student health centre. It offers counselling, pharmacy, medical, and dental services.

In the spring of 2019, I was hired by Curry Health Centre to be the social media coordinator. I started work in August. I am still employed in this role.


All social media posts on Curry Health Centre’s Instagram and Twitter are coordinated by me. I plan posts and put up information about Curry Health Centre events. I use Google Analytics to analyse traffic to Facebook posts and the main website.

  • Designer Work Samples
  • Fall 2019 Semester Project

My Fall 2019 semester project was an essential oils campaign. Wellness has essential oils for many common ailments. I did research. I created the graphics using photos of essential oils and photoshop to cut them. I created the graphics and the captions for social media posts.

Semester Project for Spring 2020

The tea campaign was my semester project for 2020. I studied common ailments and how they could be improved with different teas  Wellness offers. I created the graphics using photos of the tea bags. Then, I used photoshop to create them. I created the graphics for the different teas, and also wrote the captions to the social media posts.

Caption for Wellness Tip Wednesday’s Teas for Anxiety: “This week’s #WellnessTipWednesday is all about teas for anxiety! For anxiety reduction, chamomile and peppermint teas are excellent. If you feel anxious or anticipating an anxious event, you can make yourself a cup of one of these teas. “Be Well, UM!”

Meditation Monday Graphics Curry Health Centre

The Curry Health Centre Wellness staff decided it was important to provide content for students during the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Montana University System approved my proposal for a mini-campaign on meditation to provide students with healthy and constructive coping strategies to help them through the stressful times.