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One of the most convenient parts of dining alone…Open seating at the bar.

One of my favorites parts of visiting Austin, TX… GOURDOUGH’S PUBLIC HOUSE!

They have two locations in Austin, and the one I frequent during visits is located on Lamar Blvd. This place is ridiculously good. Sundays can be BUSY for those hoping to get in during Brunch hours, but the bar is always your friend. (In more ways than one) Aside from the already fantastic food, and the delicious $3 Mimosas, the SERVICE here is outstanding! To say they are battling a busy crowd, I never felt the neglect. Their service is kind, prompt, and accommodating.

So food choices! My personal go-to is the Petunia. This is a piping hot donut topped with housemade pulled pork, fried egg, & mashed potatoes smothered in cream gravy. LITERALLY AUTOMATIC FOODGASM. I’m not ashamed to say.


My new “bar buddies” ordered the Mother Clucker, which is hand battered fried chicken breasts and honey butter and the Dirty Bird, lemon pepper chicken breast grilled with tomato, spinach, fresh pesto, mozzarella, and grilled peppers. OH AND YES, both are served over hot, soft, perfectly-made donuts. She commented that the honey made the chicken a little sweet, but overall still a successful dish.

What A Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong



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Kiyo is an accomplished Air Force veteran, with experience having worked in public relations for the last 7 years. She also has a deep passion for writing, cooking, and entertaining. Eat Now, Drink Later is a sarcastic, honest, and detailed account of some of the amazing and not-so-amazing restaurants that Dallas (as well as neighboring cities and the rest of the world on occasion) has to offer. Kiyo's hope is that you find inspiration to venture to new places and try new things... to eat now and drink later.

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