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There was absolutely no explanation as to why I had so much energy after less than 4 hours of sleep, but nevertheless, I was up. My housewarming party the day prior had been a complete success (THANK YOU TO MY ATTENDEES) and my out of town guests were packing their bags to head home. So obviously the next most important thing to accomplish after a crazy evening…


The choice ended up being an adorable restaurant called Hannah’s off the Square. This spot was definitely worth the visit, but  the service didn’t take many prizes. Our waitress wasn’t extremely attentive, but for the food quality, I think my entire party was forgiving. We ordered Hannah’s Migas with Everything but the Kitchen Sink, Florentine Flat Iron Steak & Eggs, Hermalinda’s Chicken Tamale Plate, and my two absolutely favorites: Blackened Shrimp & Grits and Smoked Salmon Crepes.

shrimp and grits

I think most people are under the assumption that it’s pretty difficult to mess up traditional shrimp and grits. You boil some grits, sauté some shrimp, add a little cheese a VIOLA! So what makes the difference? I think you find that the quality of the ingredients, the method of cooking, and additional components transform this traditional dish into the savory and memorable menu option. The Blackened Shrimp & Grits featured cheesy Louisiana stone ground grits with 5 Blackened Shrimp, sauteed local greens and tomato bacon gravy.

Flat iron steak

Florentine Flat Iron Steak & Eggs ~ Char-grilled flat iron steak with 2 Eggs, potato and spinach gratin and fresh sliced tomatoes

Chicken TamaleMigas

Two other creative choices on the menu at Hannah’s are the Hermalinda’s Chicken Tamale Plate and Miga’s with Everything but the Kitchen Sink.

The Tamales ~ 2 Homemade chicken cornhusk tamales with scrambled eggs and cotija cheese, lime bay black beans, avocado, with salsa verde crema and diced tomatoes.

Hannah’s Miga’s with Everything but the Kitchen Sink ~ Scrambled eggs with crispy tortillas, pepper jack cheese, zesty tomato salsa, roasted potatoes, sausage, bacon, and avocado

Brown Eyed Girl –  Van Morrison


Hannah's Off the Square $$

111 W Mulberry Street
Denton, TX 76201
(940) 566-1110



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Kiyo is an accomplished Air Force veteran, with experience having worked in public relations for the last 7 years. She also has a deep passion for writing, cooking, and entertaining. Eat Now, Drink Later is a sarcastic, honest, and detailed account of some of the amazing and not-so-amazing restaurants that Dallas (as well as neighboring cities and the rest of the world on occasion) has to offer. Kiyo's hope is that you find inspiration to venture to new places and try new things... to eat now and drink later.

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