Though I’d love to say that I have a background as an accomplished chef and have been associated with several fine culinary institutions that have granted me the divine right to provide deep and meaningful gastronomic feedback to the masses, unfortunately, that is not the case.

And let’s be honest, how often is it really?

Though the world is full of critics, among them I am a world traveler, and an ABSOLUTE lover of food and various cuisines. I have dedicated endless hours and LOTS of money (over the years) to finding the best possible food in the most unlikely of places, and for this blog in particular: Dallas and Denton, Texas.

I’m a veteran, specializing in public relations for the last 7 years, and have a deep passion for writing, cooking, and entertaining. What you can expect on this written journey I’m calling my blog is a sarcastic, honest, and detailed account of some of the amazing and not-so-amazing restaurants that Dallas and Denton (as well as neighboring cities and the rest of the world on occasion) has to offer. I also throw in some worth while recipes and travel suggestions along the way.