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My sister-in-law and I had just enjoyed an evening at a local theater watching a performance of Memphis. After, we decided to go listen to some live Jazz, and ended up choosing this spot in Addison.

The lighting and ambiance in this restaurant was amazing. Kind of like laying in a soothing bathtub surrounded by 50 aromatic candles with a small piece band and jazz vocalist serenading you in the background. Ok, a tad bit dramatic; but this small, intimate venue is the perfect location for date nights, drinks with the girls, or just good ol Happy Hour. (Which is ALL DAY on Sunday and Monday)


We grabbed a booth and almost immediately ordered drinks. Though the name of my beverage of choice escapes me, I do remember it was crisp and refreshing. The menu featured primarily Tapas, but they did have a full entree menu available. I ordered a few tapas and sat there enjoying, as the band played their rendition of I’ve Got the World on String. 



Have you ever ordered something and when it came, it was so delicious that you started tearing up while you ate it? Well after about 15 minutes when our plates arrived, that definitely happened.

Feel Free to Judge

The bringer of happy tears was none other than the Ahi Tuna, Smoked Salmon, Avocado, and Spicy Teriyaki. Absolute perfection and very flavorful.



Honorable mention: the black truffle hummus, and the Grilled Lobster and Shrimp Lasagna.

The only downside to this wonderful restaurant is that is can be a little pricey. Depending on the day and choices, you’re definitely looking at the higher end of the two $$. Still, definitely a must try.

Soho Food and Jazz $$

Prestonwood Place
5290 Belt Line Rd
Addison, TX 75254

About The Author


Kiyo is an accomplished Air Force veteran, with experience having worked in public relations for the last 7 years. She also has a deep passion for writing, cooking, and entertaining. Eat Now, Drink Later is a sarcastic, honest, and detailed account of some of the amazing and not-so-amazing restaurants that Dallas (as well as neighboring cities and the rest of the world on occasion) has to offer. Kiyo's hope is that you find inspiration to venture to new places and try new things... to eat now and drink later.

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  1. Dynesha

    Kiyo keep up the good reads!! Enjoyed the info on the SOHO restaurant. Can’t wait till I get a chance to come down and try some of these amazing restaurants😀


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